Opening of Abu Samra Port

We would like to inform you that ABU SAMRA Port will be open for land shipments starting February 14, 2021, however they have provided some guidelines that must be strictly followed.

Truck drivers coming from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, must obtain a certificate attested by the Saudi Ministry of Health proving that they have been tested negative for Coronavirus (Covid-19), the validity period of which is not less than (72) hours before the date of entry of the Abu Samra border crossing.

Drivers and trucks transporting goods to the State of Qatar through the Abu Samra border crossing are not permitted to enter the country and the goods will be unloaded and re-loaded onto local trucks provided by the importer or his representative at the port, based on prior coordination with the port administration about the details of the Trucks they will be providing.

Read more below the map.

Drivers coming from Saudi Arabia must return to Saudi Arabia immediately after offloading process of the goods in Abu Samra border.

All importers of goods through the Abu Samra port are obligated to prepare local trucks suitable for transporting the goods that are received, and to notify the Abu Samra port administration of the dates and numbers of trucks in advance to facilitate the procedures for entering the port.

In cases of shipments that required laboratories, samples of the goods will be taken for examination and analysis by the competent authorities for registration in the country; and they will be released after the importer undertakes not to dispose of the restricted goods except after the approval of the competent authority is issued. Goods of a dangerous nature, will be pending at the port until the results of the examination and laboratory analysis is provided.

All exporters of goods through the Abu Samra port must follow the instructions issued by the Saudi Customs before embarking on the export or re-export of goods, in order to avoid any delay or rejection of the goods upon their arrival at the port.

Exported or re-exported goods from the State of Qatar are transported by local trucks through Abu Samra port to Salwa port, according to what the Saudi authorities decide in Salwa port in this regard.

Kindly note the above process is subject to change with or without prior notice.