Transport by Rail

Rail transport used to ensure that products were distributed. Over the years, this method of transport faded into the background. Partly because of the loss of time due to the many coupling and uncoupling of wagons and the non-closing rail network. To stimulate international trade, some regions invested a lot in the rail network in recent years.

An environmentally conscious solution.

Nowadays we therefore see more and more (luxury) goods by rail. Think of electronics, but also of clothing, trend-sensitive products and raw materials. Certainly in periods when airlines and shipping companies are facing capacity problems, a container by rail can offer you a solution. An environmentally conscious solution that suits companies looking for a faster solution than sea freight. MOL Logistics in Middle East is happy to support you with this method of transport.


Single point of contact: from loading to unloading your products.


Ideal solution for capacity challenges.


Suitable for several products as an alternative to air and sea freight

About the GCC Railway

The history of cross-border rail transport in the Arabian Peninsula can be traced back to the early 20th century when the Hejaz Railway was constructed, linking Damascus in Syria to Medina in Saudi Arabia. It was destroyed and completely abandoned in 1917. Over a century later, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is embarking on the Gulf Railway Project (also known as the GCC Railway Project). It is one of the largest contemporary cross-border rail networks in the world. The GCC Railway is intended to connect all the six GCC nations with a railway track running through key cities of each of these nations. A pan-GCC rail network also means that each GCC country would be working individually on its own railway infrastructure. Completion deadlines have been pushed to 2021. Although authorities remain hopeful that the project will meet this deadline, it will ultimately depend on the internal plans of each country and appears challenging.

Total rail package

Rail transport has become increasingly popular in recent years. But not all companies know how to fit this into their current transport options. To take these concerns off your hands, MOL Logistics in Dubai can offer a total package for rail transport, together with its partners. Everything for door to door transport, including all customs clearance.

Examples of our services:

  • Advice & documentation
  • Regular updates, so you can plan well
  • Pre and post carriage, your products delivered to your home
  • Smart pricing

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Environmentally conscious

Rail transport can rank among the most sustainable and environmentally friendly transport solutions. Especially when it comes to intercontinental transport. This method of transport is more environmentally friendly than, for example, sea freight or air freight. In addition, the freight trains run according to a predetermined timetable, making rail transport quite a reliable transport solution.

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