Storage and Warehousing: the space that you need.

Storage of your products can take up a lot of space. Then add the time your personnel spend on it plus the associated administration. Which customer needs what and when? Do you still have the product from your customer’s order in stock, even if your customer unexpectedly needs more? Warehousing gives space to your company!

For all your storage, order picking/processing and shipping.

As a logistics service provider, we can provide strategic storage locations all over the world. Let us take care of the storage, order picking, stock management and shipping of your goods, exactly according to the applicable conditions. This way, warehousing gives you more space and time for your own business activities.


Save time and recourses by outsourcing your storage and warehousing.


Extensive additional services make it easy for you.


Safe and centrally located warehouses for various types of products.

Warehousing and distribution 

Thanks to adequate security, our warehouses offer suitable options for storage of your high-quality products. Most facilities are close to all highways, inland shipping routes and rail connections. Therefor many customers use our warehouse as their distribution center (DC). We offer maximum security for the products entrusted to us through camera surveillance, sprinkler systems and access control.

Warehousing for different commodities

Naturally, we are happy to help you with specific requirements regarding your storage. For example, we serve companies from the automotive, high-tech, solar panels / solar and medical devices. It goes without saying that our storage locations are pest free, we pay a lot of attention to preventing unwanted intruders.

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Stock management and safety

We register and track incoming and outgoing goods via barcodes. An integrated and advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) equipped with Radio Frequency (RF), supports the activities including scanning and reading of these barcodes. This guarantees efficient administration and control of incoming and outgoing processes. 

We want the best not only for you, but also for our employees. We always keep up when it comes to safety for employees. This contributes to the safety of your products.

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